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i too am puzzled by all this info. i have been on and off iron RX for the last 3 years. before then i do not know of needing it. my levels are steadly going down and now are extremely low. my doctor wants me to go to a hemotologist. my ferritin is 5 (norm 10-291), my saturation is 3 (norm 15-55) and my iron serum is 15 (norm 35-155). i have had an EGD and colonoscopy and they found some internal hemmeroids but nothing else. i guess i should mention i am 31 years old, 2 children, and have a normal cycle every 21 days.

i have frequent headaches behind my left eye, heart palpitations, racing heart, sometimes dizziness and ringing in the ears, like being lightheaded. fatigue easily, low body temp, low to norm blood pressure, some mouth sores. some mornings i wake up with a killer headache and hubby says i stop breathing for about a minute. maybe thats the headaches?!?!

i have discussed iv iron and iron injections and my doctor wants me to see specialist instead of putting me thru all this when it prob won't work. says my body is not using the iron.

i just want to feel better and have enough energy to loose some weight and play with my kids more.

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