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[quote]Originally posted by Miracasi:
Hi, I also have a low ferritin level. Mine was 4, now went up to a 6. What is your hemoglobin? Mine is 121. I get low grade headaches, have pasty skin color, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and sometimes extreme muscle fatigue. Doctors feel mine is due to mal-absorbtion due to Crohn's disease. I am presently working on ways to increase it. Everything from iron tonics, a small glass of rich red wine with meals (I was told this is good for building blood) how true it is, I don't know but I guess I will see, when I get retested.
Was also told to eat a lot of leafy green vegetables. Read that exercise stimulates the bone marrow to produce blood cells, that sunshine stimulates blood-making ( I ,like that one). Vitamin D assists in making blood, proper rest, atleast 8 hrs per night, but not too much more, proper posture, and fresh air. Once you get your iron levels up, you probably will get rid of your headaches and other symptoms. Good -luck.[/b][/quote]

Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone didn't know already....

Drinking a lot of tea can be bad for anyone with iron deficient anemia. Tea is very high in tannins which bind iron in the intestine causing absorption to be diminshed (I've read up to 75% reduction). So, if you drink tea, you should do so between meals or when/if you take iron supplements. Many other foods have tannins, but tea has a huge amount. I was born anemic and am now 31 so have had a bit of self testing with this and I've found that I was not getting great results from iron supplements when I drank a lot of tea. Good luck to everyone battling this problem.

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