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Dear Members I am new to the board and have found that I share similar symtoms with those of you with pernicious anemia. Has anyone had difficulties in determining a correct diagnosis. I have been through many tests only to find most of them normal. They only tests that were not normal were the B 12 (104) and I had and acid stomach of ph6. My intrisic factor test was normal and the upper GI endoscopy showed a normal atrophy(uncertain if that is a correct term). They x-rayed for Chrons, tested for Wheat allergies and parasites and did a procto. My blood is normal. I have been on B12 injections for about 7 months. I am still very tired and my neck and back are sore. I can only do one thing a day and then have to rest.One of my doctors says that the acid stomach shows the beginnings of pernicious anemia, the other doctor says no, that it is only about intrinsic factor. Is there another way to check for pernicious anemia. Does anyone know about gastric parietal cells? The doctors told me that the Schilling test isn't used any more. Could there be anything else that would cause a B 12 deficiency. I want to know because I am not getting stronger. Thank you so much.

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