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Re: B12 deficiency
Jun 19, 2006
[QUOTE=janeb]I am wondering if you could give me some indication of what is considered a low B12 count in the USA. I live in the UK and have the same problem as yourself but they say I should go on using up the supply in the liver and at the moment treatment is not necessary. I have a reading of 353[/QUOTE]
In the US, the low end of the range is around 197 (depending on lab), but that is way too low! In Japan and some European countries, it's recognized that neurological symptoms can begin at levels of around 500, so their low levels are much higher (550, I think). So you see, in those locations, you'd be very deficient by those standards! It's neglect to tell you not to worry and to just go ahead and "use up" your liver stores of B12. Also, serum level isn't very indicative of true B12 status. I had a good serum reading, but still had symptoms and high MCV--it wasn't until I had methylmalonic acid testing that it was uncovered.

If your doc won't give you injections, get some sublingual B12--at least 1000 mcg dosage--and take several a day. Even passively you'll absorb some. I've reversed most of my symptoms on high oral doses of both methylcobalamin and dibencozide (adenosylcobalamin)--they're the 2 forms of B12 actually used by the body--they don't depend on the liver converting the usual supplemental type, cyanocobalamin. I'd use those if I could find them in UK, but cyano-B12 is better than nothing!

Good luck,

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