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Re: Any IDEAS?
Sep 26, 2002
Well, from your symptoms, it could be a lot of things. It wouldn't hurt to check your thyroid. It can cause a lot of problems. I found out. Especially chronic fatigue. Do you have ANY of the following symptoms?

Unexplained weight gain
Unable to lose weight
Chronic Fatigue
Swollen hands, feet
Excessive Hair Loss
Sensitive to Cold
Unable to concentrate
Mood Swings, Irritibility
Below Normal Body Temp. - (Mine is usually 96.4 in the a.m. and no more than 97.0 in evening)
Stiff Joints
Hormone Imbalance
Irregular menstral cycles
Sinus Problems
Feeling of fullness in throat or hoarse voice
Heart Palpatations
Panic Attacks
Wake up exhausted
High Blood Pressure
Nauseated a lot
Feel like I have the flu
Stomach cramps
Wheezing (causes Asthma, but I donít have that)
Difficulty Breathing

I know from experience that a thyroid condition called "Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome" does not show up on a blood test. It comes out as "normal". I had to have my RT3 blood test in order to determine if I had Wilson's. If the RT3 and T3 levels are disturbed, it is said that you have Wilsons.

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