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Hi, I am a 28 yr old mother of 4. I have never been diagnosed with anemia before until after my last childs birth. When I left the hospital the nurse told me I was anemic and to take iron, never told me how much or for how long??? I take the iron off and on becouse I do forget alot and it makes me sick to my stomich, my daughter will be 1 in march so I have been feeling this way for ALONG time.
I work out an hour a day, I don't eat much maybe once a day(never very hungery), I don't drink alot of soda or caffeine. I get the jitters, am always tired, my lungs will hurt and I will feel out of breath, I get very dizzy and sometimes feel as tho I will faint. I was tested 3 years ago for hypothyroidism, and anemia and they came back normal. I am about 45 pounds over weight, and can't seem to loose it even with exercise and not eating much. my body will ache, and my hands and feet will get very cold. (but they have been that way for years) My limbs will also fall alseep easily mostly when sitting or lying down. Could this just be the anemia, and if I force myself to take the iron it will get better, or could there be more then just that. Any information would be greatly appriciated. I plan on calling my regular doctor, but don't know if I should ask for the same tests again...... I already tested negative for. I have also had a history of depression since my first childs birth 10 years ago, but don't feel depressed now just tired....It gets worse during my period? Is that normal? Please let me know if there any other symptoms I should look for or tests I should ask my doctor to run, I can't continue to feel like this, I have 4 kids to keep up with.
thanks again Em

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