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I've been looking into this issue of normal results myself because I had a low normal reading on B12, no larger red cells, so no showing of anemia but I've had some strange things going on.

I've found the following sites to be interesting, and hopefully helpful to you.

It seems that if you come out under 100 for B12, the diagnosis is obvious. IF you come out above that or in the normal ranges, its more difficult and recent research is finding that low normal might not be so normal after all for some people.
[url=""][/url] [url=""][/url]

And more recently, new research.......

Even if your B12 comes out in the normal range, you might consider asking for a test for MMA and Homocysteine, which many seem to agree are good indicators of deficiency. Apparently, if these numbers are normal, current thought is that your B12 level is normal for your body. IF one or both are high, your body is deficient and you need supplementation.

The last site I linked seems to indicate there's even an earlier marker and that the B12 level in your blood is made up of B12 that gets to your cells and B12 that just hangs around in your blood. According to this new research, you could be low in the B12 that gets to your cells and show a normal B12 because the B12 measured in the blood test measures both and the B12 that just hangs around might make your B12 level look normal when you're actually missing the component that gets to your cells.

Hope this helps.

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