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Low Ferritin
May 5, 2003
Hi there everyone.
I found this board tonight and wow, great board! I have a dillemma.
I've had pretty low ferritin for a few years now. I was on jectofer shots, one a week for almost a year. Then, they discontinued the stuff and and I went way down again. I am on some new shots, dexiron one a month, but my ferritin just stays at 4. With the jectofer it would go up. The dexiron is so expensive I can only afford one a month. It's so depressing. I am sooooooo useless at this stage. My brain hardly works, I'm confused a lot, accomplishing very little and my butt seems to be more attached to the couch than not. I don't have the energy to exercise and I'm extremely overweight. When my iron is high I'm somewhat brilliant and full of life and energy, I can excercise then. I have a history of colitis and depression etc... but have discovered that when my iron is up, so am I and all of my other health problems dissapear. I REALLY want my life back! Is there anything new and exciting that might help me start absorbing iron? I do my best with greens and red meat and vitamin c etc. I am 42 and I really don't want to spend the rest of my life burning at 20 watts I want 60 or 80 watts at least y'know?

Tryin' to stay awake

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