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I've had two bloodtests for b12. The first came out 221 which wss still within normal ranges. Dr. prescrbied 250 mg of b12 orally a day for 6 months. But, I decided to go to a hematologist to make sure because of family history. I was nervous about waiting 6 months and possibly being even worse off if I do have PA. I got another blood test there (10 days after the previous one) and it showed my b12 down to 180. Even after 10 days of supplements, it still went down. Hematologist has now prescribed oral 1,000 mg a day. I've taken the first part of the shilling (what a pain in the butt) and that's not back yet and the MMA and the Homocysteine tests aren't back yet either. She said it's starting to look more like it might be PA because of the rate of decline even when taking supplements.

So, I'm wondering, for those of you who have PA, do any of you use the 1,000 mg a day supplements. If so, does it work well for you? This Dr. in the event I have PA wants to give this method a go for a time and see how it works. I've already been on it for 3 days and I think I might feel better ( i feel like i have more energy and i don't feel as anxious about things), but I'm concerned because I spent most of this afternoon sleeping and I've had periods anyway where I've felt a bit better for awhile.

Anyway, thanks for the assistance.
Yes, I mean by mouth. Dr. says that if it's PA (or it's going towards PA, because of loss of intrinsic), that doctors are now moving towards using high doses of oral supplements a day because your body can at least absorb some, so in high doses daily it can be equivalent to the shots.

Now, here's where I stand on tests. As I said earlier, first B12 level came out at 221. Dr. prescribed 6 months of daily B12 in 250 mg. 10 days later at the hematologist, it was down to 180. When the results of that came back almost a week later, she prescribed 1,000 mg orally in an over the counter supplement saying that rate of decline looked more like it was PA. This was a few days after I had taken the schillings test. I asked if I should get a shot for a bump up and she said since I had the Schillings test, I had gotten a good shot of B12. I just got the Schillings results earlier this week and it came back with a 9.6% absorption which is low, but she says is in the normal range and that the dip in the blood test is probably related to differences in lab methods. She's continuing the 1,000 mg a day oral B12 and will see me in a month.

There's family history of PA and I'm trying to be careful and make sure I'm not in some decline and everything is in the low normal range still. I'm concerned if I am in a decline and I'm losing factor that a month of oral supplement won't be good. If it's true as she says that oral 1,000 can treat PA effectively, then I'm more ok playing a waiting game.

I do feel somewhat better in the sense that the anxiety (other than worry over this) is mostly gone. But I'm still having that numb feeling in my back and I've been getting stabbing muscle pains (not constant but jolting every so often). I also feel like I've lost some feeling. I discovered last night that where I once was highly ticklish, I feel that it tickles slightly but the reaction is greatly dimished. I also had a class two nights ago where when I was writing on the board, I had trouble skipping letters (such as starting with the second letter of a word). My tongue is also possibly swollen and I have these ridges (indentations) on the sides.

I also feel crazy to list a bunch of little things. I just am not sure what to do here.

You first need to find out if you lack the intrinsic factor, the main reason for the onset of PA. If you are just low b12 do to diet(vegatarian)then supplements will do fine once you have your level up. Sounds to me you need a more knowledgable doc,as no oral is going to keep it up if you haven't the IF needed for absorption.

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