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Thanks everyone for your advice.

I haven't contacted a neurologist yet, but was considering it based on what I read here. Today, however, the hematologist says I should see one. SHe's concerned because I still have the numbness in the middle of my back and have been having muscle cramping and some hand and foot strange feelings. She's got me on 1,000 mg of B12 a day in oral supplement form.

Test results so far show no amemia, 9.69 on Shilling (with 9 normal), and normal MMA and Homocysteine. B12 level from today will be back next week. This would appear to be inconsistent with a B12 problem wouldn't it? Unless I'm on my way down and things aren't showing on tests yet....?

Only thing showing abnormal on the tests is a high platelet court (553 - with 130-400 normal), MPV (platelet size) abnormally small 6.7 (7.5 to 10.4) and slightly elevated white blood cells. Lab report shows this to be Thrombocytosis. MVC is low normal at 81.2 (81 to 99), HCT is low normal at 36.7 (36-48). She's definately concerned about the platelets, and wants to watch it. She said it could be an inflammatory illness or an infection. She also said I might need a bone marrow biopsy (but not for cancer reasons).

I don't think she's done any IF antibodies tests.

Any ideas? I saw someone earlier posted here about having lots and lots of platelets but I can't seem to find the posting.

I will be making an appointment with nuerologist on Monday.

Thanks again!

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