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Re: Lab results?
Feb 10, 2004
[QUOTE=HIS ANGEL]Maggie, I guess the real reason that I thought I was anemic was because of the tiredness that wont go away no matter how much sleep I get, and the fact that both my mom and sister were anemic. I work for a commercial baking company, so no chemicals. Except for what they clean with. I Have Many Problems That Are Ongoing, That My Endo Said Are Not From My Hypotyroidism. I Cannot Stand The Cold, Or The Heat For That Matter, I Still Have Horrific Fatigue, Tired, Tired, Tired, Feels As If I Have A Pinched Nerve In My Lower Back, My Hip Goes On Vacation Without Any Notice Or Without At Least Taking Me(lol), Short Term Memory Loss And Others That I Am Sure That I Am Forgetting About. Any Help?[/QUOTE]

From what you have shared - you have many of the 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms - & I believe there is a strong probability that you could have red blood cell damage, (even from just the cleaning products at work OR even at home; or from painting?) What do YOU clean with? Your counts don't look bad in much of anything that would indicate this, and that is typical of harm from either 2-butoxyethanol &/or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether. They are in lots and lots of home, hobby, cleaning, painting products ... probably hundreds of products and the harm they do is so serious. Check this website [url][/url] and put in the CAS numbers of 111-76-2 and then try 112-34-5 & you will see what I mean.

It was interesting to note that the doctor commented on the blood cells being odd shaped. Was that the RED blood cells? What does the lab technitian say? Are the red blood cells ragged and beat up?

I think MDs should check the RETIC ratio in all patients with unexplainable fatigue, especially as you say, in the exhaustion that no rest seems to help. Are you able to go to sleep most nights? (This is a function of the nervous system & the nervous system is damaged by this chemical along with the blood, and kidneys and liver eventually, endocrine system, skin, etc.) Please check my other posts as I have more details. Have you had an unexplainable, rapid heart rate? Check what the Yahoo dictionary has to say about hemolytic anemia. (There are 8 symptoms of hemolytic anemia)

Here are some helps to check the blood for - the chronic, all-the-time tired fatigue:

Check for fragility of red blood cells
Check for Hematuria
Does blood present an abnormal picture showing:
These symptoms of Hemolytic anemia:
[*]Pale color
[*]Shortness of breath
[*]Rapid heart rate (like 250 beats/min)
[*]Yellow skin color (jaundice)
[*]Dark urine (indicative of blood in urine - never dismiss this! Stop exposure immediately!)
[*]Enlarged spleen
I learned about this topic by studying 2-butoxyethanol - the chemical of harm to the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup workers: especially the bioremediation workers and the US Coast Guard monitors and the US Navy should have input, especially those on the USS Deluth or USS Cleveland in 1989. Then I noticed that the Gulf War troops had the same symptoms AND they were exposed to not only that chemical, but also 2(2-butoxyethanol) aka diethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Of course, today's troops can also be exposed to the same. (In gun cleaner? In some Jet fuels? In some pesticides? - such as are used to spray the general living/work areas)

Back to your issues, you have evidence of enough of these 'odd symptoms' that I would certainly look into the blood more in depth. I think the calcium and iron being low are also very important. (How are liver and kidney function levels?) One of the oil spill workers couldn't store enough iron - it was a very low count. Less than 50 percent of the iron in your body is in your red blood cells. Most is in your iron reserves in your liver, spleen and other tissues. Your body needs iron to make red blood cells. If your red blood cells have been damaged by this chemical, there would be 'fragility of the red blood cells" Seeing a hematologists would be a very good idea. I believe the key to finding out if this chemical has harmed you is locked away in the 'secrets' of the blood ... odd as that may seem, since the central nervous system damage yells louder and has been diverting attention away from the blood - almost always!

I would think that Calcium would work into that, too, as it is essential for proper development of bones and teeth and is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions that aid energy production, nerve and muscle function. I have talked with some of the 'Gulf War Syndrome' vets and EVOS workers; and current people affected by this chemical, and I have heard of bones not healing for many months, even years; I have heard of teeth falling out after about 12 years of first severe exposure; and of course, these ethylene glycol ethers are considered pesticides and do cause endocrine disruption. If your doctor can help figure this out, please share.


I am only offering this information for your consideration; I am not a medical person; it is good, however, that you are taking an active role in understanding your health and wanting to be a part of the decisions that will be made by your doctor. I hope your doctor feels the same way

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