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I saw an ad that talked about the "Gold Ring" test. I actually tried this and was amazed it worked. I contiued to try it on family and friends and was amazed that it seems to work. Guess that explains the black on my ears after I remove my gold earrings! Pretty amazing!

For those who haven't heard...............They say if you rub a gold ring on your face or wrist it will leave a black line, the more anemic the darker the line!!!!

Any others tried this?
i've never heard of this before...however, last year my silver earrings turned black; i would buy a new pair, and the same thing kept happening: i ended up switching to white gold to correct the problem...never consider that anemia might be the reason, hmmm...
well my dr says i have anemia and i tried that gold ring i sure didnt see any black lines
Ha I tried this last night with my folks and it was hilarious....had black lines all over my face from trying everyones rings...LOL And yeah since I had a severe case of anemia last year I'm always boarder line LOL

Though I will say....I wonder if it has more to do with your bodys reaction the gold and your body oils rather than the possiblity of anemia?!??

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