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Very strange story
Jun 27, 2003

My husband got sick a couple of days ago. He was acting normal and even picked me up from the store when my car started acting up. Anyway, we went out to get some stuff and we were walking in the parking lot going to our car and all of a sudden I didn't see him and I heard a thud. It turns out that he had fainted. We called the ambulance and everything and he really didn't "come to" until he was in the hospital.

Our doctors tested him for everythiing and it turns out that he was anemic and they gave him a shot there and a prescription for pills. He came home in the morning and was just real tired and went right to bed.

He woke up a little later to go to the bathroom and I noticed that he was developing a rash on his torso area. As time went on, he developed it everywhere. I thought that it was a side effect of the iron, but I took him to the doctor and he said that it was chicken pox and that is possible being that he never had it as a child.

The doctor put him on acyclovir because he said that people with anemia have a hard time fighting off infection and that it is worse in adults anyway.

As you can see this is a very weird situation and my husband and I are worried and have questions. My husband is not cranky, only very sensitive(crying very easily) and a little anxious and I am trying to put his mind at ease!

1. Is it normal to faint when you have anemia? My husband is so embaressed about passing out!

2. I did not know that anemia was even possible in men? He had no real signs until he passed out. He is about 6'0"-6'1" and 175-180lbs but he has lost weight since he got sick. He did not look really skinny and sick and wonder how he could be sick and we did not know?

3. Do people with anemia really have a harder time when they get sick? My husband has chicken pox BAD. He is on bedrest since he is exhausted, but the rash is everywhere, even in the mouth and it itches and hurts. What can we do for it? He is tossing and turning since he is uncomfortable, but he really needs his rest.

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