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Hi Ladies,

I liked this thread and just wanted to add a few comments of my own. My hemoglobin was also at about 8 a few months ago. I live at a very high altitude so my symptoms were really bad. I would get a starburst in the middle of my forehead every time I stood up. I would have to stop and breathe and kinda balance myself to keep from fainting. I too was bleeding heavily although I am right in the middle of my reproductive years. I was also craving ice to the point that I was worried about my teeth. Really, that was the main symptom that triggered my concerns.

About the meds, I take them after I eat and I take one that has Vitamin C in it. Your doc should do a comprehensive work-up to decide what amount of iron, folic acid, and B-12 you need. I had very low iron binding, so we decided to try the Iron with C to see if it helped. I didn't need the other vitamins.

About heavy periods, one of my docs told me that they can cause anemia or they can be a symptom of anemia. Sometimes, your body responds the opposite of the way it should and you lose more blood during your periods after you become anemic. Treating the anemia can fix the bleeding in between and bleeding excessively problems. Strange thought, but I did stop spotting for a time after I started taking the iron.

I have a fibroid that may have caused an episode of excessive bleeding about two months into my treatment for anemia. It was like having a hole in the bucket I was trying to fill. I took a lot of birth control that week to stop the bleeding and I have been taking two pills a day to prevent any bleeding until I think my body is ready - doc says I can go up to three months without having my period. It's such a relief not to have to lose that blood right now.

OK, it's pretty late here and I forgot what I was responding to. This whole anemia ordeal has resulted in me keeping farmer's hours! If I had more energy, I would open another window and read the thread leading up to my response to figure out what I meant to write. Maybe tomorrow.


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