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I've been iron deficient for a long time BUT as a fitness fanatic NOTHING gets in the way of my workout! According to my hematologist there's no reason to scale back on my exercise program. He said either my body will be able to do it or it won't. He claims that I can't "hurt myself" with too much activity. Athletes also tend to carry lower iron stores. IF you're anemic as a result you will notice decreased capacity for aerobic activity but do what you can. The anemia can cause a most upleasant shrotness of breath while exercising--yuck! Even when I'm not "officially anemic" I notice a decreased capacity when my iron stores have dropped very low. Your body will let you know.
One idiot Dr. I saw (before I went back to my old one in my old neighborhood) gave me the occult test AFTER she put me on iron. So then she acts all concerned I got a positive occult (while on iron, vitamin c and my broccoli eating.. DUH).. WHATEVER,.

ANYHOO, the idiot Dr. said exercise as much as I can is fine. But she must not know me. I'll run for over an hour .. up to 7 miles.

I read that intense exercise can be dangerous/deadly while anemic. Your heart isn't properly pumping blood and oxygen to your heart which can cause a heart attack or a stroke. Before I realized I was anemic I'd feel like vomiting and have diarrhea and tummy aches every time I'd run. It was AWFUL. I'm lucky I didn't have a heart attack.. GEEZ.

So anyway, ok to exercise, especially short bursts like weight lifting (I can press 200# and I'm a WOMAN with my legs while anemic but can't get thru my easy cardio) but try to lower the impact.

It's good to get those tests but iron intake IS important. It's good NOT to pass out every time you get up and such.

If you need to find out the cause, go to your gyne (test for bleeding, fibroids, etc), and a GI specialist for an endoscope/colonoscopy.

Good luck.

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