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You said your periods don't seem that heavy. Mine don't SEEM That bad..just a few days of heavier bleeding but my FEMALE Dr. asked me very personal questions about tampons and how many I go through of what kind (Ultra, Super Plus, Regular), etc.

She said what I experience is NOT normal. It may seem normal to ME because I go through it and am used to it, but it is too much.

Anyway, I do have an ovarian cyst which last year was too small to take out but the fibroids can cause excessive bleeding which can cause anemia.

If you work out, you lose more blood. I first noticed my anemia (weakness and inability to complete a workout combined with 2 picas) after a treadmill run during my period.

Now I am on iron therapy.

What did your GYNE say about your bleeding and whether it was excessive? WEre you checked for fibroids etc?

I have had low iron in the past but never anemic. However, my mom had me on iron since I was young and only tend to get tired if I go off of it for a while.

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