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Fear of Flying?
Jul 24, 2003
Amwood asked if any fellow anemics were told about using extra oxygen when flying. ANYBODY? I've never heard this warning--I thought the air in the cabins was set to the same atmospheric conditions as the ground. BUT, I suppose that would vary by what ground? I know in areas of high altitude (Denver, for instance) the air is "thinner" and those with low Hgl have more trouble getting enough oxygen. Would that also include planes? ANYBODY??
To nicolle--I asked on another board "How heavy is heavy?" 'cause I never thought my periods were a problem either. But, how would I know? I only get mine!! I actually emailed the Tampax people and asked how many tampons do most women use per period--they replied 11. That sure seemed low to me only because if you bleed for 3-5 days that means you're only using 2-3 tampons each day??? For reasons of cleanliness I think it's important to change more often!! Anybody else willing to share this intimate info???
Anyway, I was throughly checked by a GYN and she found absolutely NOTHING!! BUT, she made me go on continuous bc pills to stop my periods as with no iron stores I can't afford to lose any. So, I'm spending my life hangin' with the hematologist!! :p

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