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Re: Fear of Flying?
Jul 24, 2003
Quietstorm...thanks for starting this new thread...the other was getting a little long! It'll be interesting to see if anyone has any answers about the flying thing. I did a quick search online and I actually found some articles written on this...they all said that if you're hgb is below 8.5 you should supplement with oxygen while flying due to the strain it puts on your I guess my doctor wasn't being too cautious! I'm a little nervous to fly now...although my hgb isn't below 8.5 right now, it's dropped suddenly in the past, and who's to say that won't happen while I'm on vacation. I'll have to talk this over with my doc...yet another issue to bring up :) My doctor reprimanded me back in December when I went skiing in Tahoe...apparently it wasn't a good idea to be up at altitude (about 10,000 feet) and skiing this time I had developed a heart murmer due to the anemia, but I honestly had no idea that skiing/physical exertion at altitude was a bad idea. Needless to say, I missed the rest of ski season this year, but for the most part I was too tired to spend an entire day on the slopes anyway!
About the monthly periods...mine are VERY light...I usually use a regular tampon, and a couple super tampons every now and then. I actually went about a year without getting my period, and it's back now but very light. About five years ago I switched birth control pills and my periods were extremely heavy...I was using super plus tampons every couple hours. Since then I've switched pills and now have very light cycles. I don't know how many tampons most women go through, but 2-3 sounds low to me too! Since my periods are so light none of the doctors have ever dismissed my anemia as "female-related" problems...although that would be an easy answer!

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