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What type of iron did you receive through the IV. Was it iron dextra? Apparently it has a little more side-effects, than another iron infusion that is available. I received the dextra with little problem, although I was seeing stars at first, they slowed it down and upped it again. After it seemed to go good. If you are having severe reaction to this, I don't understand why they would want you to continue. Could they not choose another way to get the iron in You? When did you have it done? and are you feeling better as far as the iron deficency symptoms go, since you had it done. Apparently from what I read it is the most quickest way to get a large amount of absorbable iron into your system with one sitting. Good luck!
Don't be afraid ~ I have had two transfusion and each one I got a worse reaction to, but most people I read about have very little side effects, I even told them I have reactions to shell fish which has iron in it ~ just remember to have some Benadryl on hand, maybe go home after your treatment and take it easy for the day ~ I will say my mind wants to go but my body is too sore to move ~ Is it worth it, I don't know, my doctor is only doing two and then checking my rbc and iron in a month ~ which I'm grateful for a break ~ I'm 48 and feel like I'm asleep all the time in a coffin ~ so any amount of energy is better then none! I don't think with the bad reactions I had would have another iron IV infusion ~ let us know how you do ~ I was scared to ~ still am ~ wondering what is wrong with me ~

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