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I've had 10 treatments of the Iron Sucrose my Iron levels seemed to be ok after this but all my other levles Protein and Albumin went way low and I ended up in the hospital for two weeks on TPN (TOTAL PATERNAL NUTRITION) I just got out yesterday and my Iron levels are low again I go see my hematologist on Monday. In the hospital my Electrolytes kept going off even though I was getting the TPN I know I have a problem with Malabsorption along with Anemia. I was wondering has anybody else had a problem like this and also the Iron Sucrose doesn't seem to agree with me I am always sick for about the first two days after and I get it twice a week the symptoms are burning, joint pain, and terrible frontal headache above the left eye I have the iron being infused through a PICC line in my arm that goes to my heart and once in awhile I get a real bad chest pains and shortness of breath but I understand that to be a symptom of anemia? This is all pretty new to me because I've always kept my levels up and now this??? can't seem to understand they want to do a bone marrow test on my hip? does anybody know what this might be for with in conjunction with anemia?

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