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The hematologist didn't have to do a bone marrow test...he gave me iron infusions and said that if after 6 weeks my hemoglobin was still the same or lower he would do a bone marrow biopsy. Our situations are a little anemia is caused by an unknown GI bleed (I've tested positive several times for hidden blood in my stool), but since they haven't been able to find the source of the bleeding my doctor wanted to rule out any bone marrow problems. Anyway, after six weeks and a few iron infusions my hemoglobin had gone up (although still not in the normal range) so I was able to avoid the biopsy. My iron levels keep going up and down since they haven't found the cause yet, but the fact that my iron does flucuate shows that my bone marrow is just can't keep up!
Have you looked on the "blood disorder" board on this website? That might be helpful for you too. Also, I find it hard to believe that Procrit is the ONLY option for you, and if it doesn't work you're out of luck...I would get a second opinion if that's what your doctor tells you. Good luck at your appointment... I wish I could be of more help...let me know how it goes.

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