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I'm having a rough time figuring out why I'm so tired, given that I have 'nothing wrong' with me... But I've had a dx of beta thallasemia minor also known as beta thallasaemia trait. And I am EXHAUSTED all the time. I don't have sleep apnea, been tested, my thyroid is normal (as far as the tests tell). No chronic fatigue, though I'm always tired, because a lot of those symptoms just don't apply. But it's been about 5 years and I've had more tests than I can remember... I'm 55+lbs heavier, have no energy, and I'm really fed up being tired!

I am tired being told that I can't be so tired -- and thinking I must be lazy... I'm *really* tired being told I must be depressed... I'm only depressed about being tired... And I used to be a big exerciser, but now I'm too tired to do it, and when I do, I am so tired for days that I don't do it again for a while.

In addition to being tired, I have all the symptoms listed for B12 deficiency, but no reason to believe that I'm deficient in that.

I have all of these symptoms:

•loss of appetite
•numbness and tingling of hands and feet
(numb feet make exercise miserable)
•shortness of breath
•sore mouth and tongue
and last...
(just fuzzy head) NOT>>
•confusion or change in mental status <in severe or advanced cases>

In addition, I have intermittent *severe* flatulence, poor concentration, asthma that is suddenly severe after not being a problem before 4/5 years ago... and a whole host of other little irritating health troubles, none serious in themselves...

If you've got any of the symptoms I have, or know anything about b-thallasemia, and/or B12 deficiency, or have any ideas, I'd like to hear from you!

you can reach me at my email WRITTEN OUT below >>
leahgold AT tidalwave DOT net
<< to avoid being spam collected! >>

thank you


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