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Jul 30, 2003

Nearly 12 years ago the Winter after graduating High School(yes Im old!! :) ) I began feeling tired and worn out.I could sleep from the time I got home from work til 30 min to an hour before time to go back to work.

I thought it was from working and going to College full time.After getting more sleep,I still felt this way so made an appt and went in for an exam and Blood work.

My lab was normal except my Iron level was 3.My Doctor prescribed Ferrance HP and after taking 2-3 refills I felt great.

I was in the hospital 6 years ago and my Iron level was a little under normal and I guess my B12 was low because they gave me B12 shots.

My question is,why did they stop giving me B12 shots after being discharged?Im quite certain my level was still low.

I worry all the time and am VERY fearful of being Anemic.I have had problems with my Menstrual Cycle due to a Hormonal irregularity since 98.

If I dont take Provera(the Hormone)regularly,I bleed non-stop.I try to eat Iron rich foods such as Raisins,green leafy veggies and Liver.I also take 325 MG OTC Ferrous Sulfate daily.

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