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PaNik I had the same problem a few months back. I had a bag of iron through intervenous and for the next couple of months my hemoglobin rose rapidly while my iron didn't do nearly as well as it should.. It takes iron to build hemoglobin, and it takes ample iron to send oxygen to your cells, so if you're low on iron, you'll feel tired among other things. The body has a wisdom of it's own. Perhaps it takes from your iron stores first and sends them off to the hemoglobin, because that is where it's needed most. Just a theory but it makes sense. I felt tired back then and still feel tired. It's been a month now since my 2nd infusion and I still don't feel myself. Building iron is a slow, very slow process. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.
I agree. My poor mom is going to worry herself to death watching me bleed. It's pretty sad. The iron pills are just maintaining me. As for the bleeding: my complexion looks good and I'm not experiencing bothersome PMS symptoms right now. That's the answer I got yesterday. As if I care about that stuff at this point. It is really sad to work so hard with diet and pills to make more blood only to see it fall out the other side. One of my docs does believe that the bleeding can be a symptom of anemia and not just a cause. She doesn't have a clue what is causing the bleeding though, but she is very empathetic. Actually, I have had some spotting in the past and fairly heavy periods, but I don't remember having the kind of random bleeding problems I am having now until last winter and by then my hgb was already down to 8.

My folic acid and B12 levels were normal when they first tested me. My iron and hemoblogin and hematocrit were low so they gave me iron pills and sent me away. Could the others change now that I have supplemented the iron? They said I didn't need to supplement the others.

I am applying for new jobs in new areas. Hopefully my new providers will be able to help me out - if I can stay awake long enough to get hired. Ha.

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