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I had a D&C on July 23 due to excessive bleeding. The biopsy showed that I have Complex Hyperplasia without Atypia (which means that the cells in my uterus are not considered "normal"...are not considered "pre-cancerous"...but can become cancer at any time). I am anemic (I thought due to excessive menstrual bleeding for 3 months) and my hemoglobin level was 8.4 the day before my D&C. A week later, my level was 9.9. A week later my level was 9.9 AGAIN. I called my doctor and he prescribed 150 mg Fe-Tinic for me to take once a day. After one week of taking Fe-Tinic, my level was up to 10.4. Today (two more weeks on Fe-Tinic ((3 weeks total)), my hemoglobin level was 9.9. I have no obvious blood loss. I'm TERRIFIED to think of what this could possibly mean (cancer, etc.)!!! I am unable to get into the doctor until Sept. 8. I called today after finding out that my hemoglobin has dropped (I've been having it tested at our County Health Department) and he said that there is no reason to see me any sooner since I am not bleeding. !!!!! Has anyone had a similar experience? Help!!! I'm about to go CRAZY! I'm tired of being tired all of the time and now I'm in "panic mode"! Now I'm thinking that there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG!!!

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