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Re: Anemia
Jan 31, 2004
Check for fragility of red blood cells

These symptoms of Hemolytic anemia:
[*]Pale color
[*]Shortness of breath
[*]Rapid heart rate
[*]Yellow skin color (jaundice)
[*]Dark urine (indicative of blood in urine/kidney effects?)
[*]Enlarged spleen

Many products we use at home and at work for cleaning and degreasing; in painting, etc ... for automotive and hobbies, too ... contain a very harmful, though thought to be 'safe,' chemical: 2-butoxyethanol; however, you would most likely recognize it's other name: ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Lysol tub 'n tile for instance has the 2(2-butoxythanol) version. It has an EPA pesticide registration ... & it is recommended for industrial use only and suggested that this chemical be avoided. Look it up on the internet; look up 409 cleaner while you're at it.

To find the effects of this chemical, doctors would have to order the complete blood counts and a special test that costs about $50: the 'Retic ratio' and especially ask the lab tech to comment on the red blood cells! Do they look ragged and 'beat up?'

Here are other symptoms of too much exposure to a solvent-type chemical ... Symptoms (most common first) include: headache, sore throat, voice change or loss, constant humph, catarrh, unexpected tiredness, fatigue, sore/watery/gritty eyes, irritability, anxiety, depression, loss of concentration, short-term memory loss, reactions to other chemicals, dizziness, blocked nose, rhinitis, mouth ulcers, bad/metallic taste in mouth, lip sores, chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pains, asthma, sinusitis, nasal discharge, nose bleeds, ulceration of nasal mucosa, itchy burning skin, rashes, dermatitis, aching joints and muscles, fibromyalgia, uncontrollable twitching, heart arrhythmia's, palpitations, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, tinnitus, earache, pins and needles, numbness in fingers and toes, Raynaudís Syndrome, menstrual irregularities, pain/difficulty urinating. Other areas of concern include liver damage, cancer, teeth and gum problems, reproductive effects and lack of interest in sex.

The Gulf War vets of 1990-1991 have much of this. They were exposed to these 2 solvents; but this is one of the things that HAS NOT BEEN STUDIED. I personally believe it IS the cause of gulf war syndrome. I personally believe our troops TODAY are at risk for a recurrence. What are they doing that would expose them? Repetitive cleaning of weapons is not safe without goggles and chemical retardant gloves (CLP MSDS says there is a proprietary ingredient hmm); there are these in pesticides which were sprayed around the living and working area of troops (real echelon soldiers had 'gulf war syndrome' whereas a front-line soldier reported none for his group); and jet fuels #3,4,5,6 are labeled as pesticides ... with warnings of 'defatted skin' such as would go along with what this chemical does. How long have jets had a 'jet trail' by the way?

This chemical also targets the testes. As long as this chemical has been around, since 1930's or so ... sperm count as been steadily declining and the quality of sperm, too; at the current rate, in another 50-70 years, men will mostly have zero sperm count.

One day, our people will realize that many whom they love and lost to premature death ... may be from the primary harm of this chemical, instead of all the multiple secondary harm it does... and our people will arise and BAN it.

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