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Hey Quietstorm! Wow, once again it sounds like we're very similar - I'll also go to the gym no matter how tired I am...I'm certaintly not going to live my life around this anemia crap! I can't believe that doctor had the nerve to tell you it was a "fitness issue" instead of listening to what you were really saying! Unbelievable! I try to go to the gym as often as possible, and I've noticed that even when my iron isn't that low I'll get tired quickly...and I'm also a runner/swimmer so it's not a fitness issue for me either!! I'm wondering if maybe it's a sign of things going back down slowly or not enough iron stores...I'm not sure, but it's nice to know someone else has the same problems I do, even when we're supposedly "somewhat healthy". I talked about this with my doctor, and she really didn't have much to offer other than if I'm tired I should listen to my body and stop exercising. Unfortunately I usually have a hard time stopping since I'm not sure if it's related to the anemia or if I should just push through it and keep running. At one point when my hemoglobin was low and I was working out I developed a heart murmer and my doctor was pretty strict in her "no work out" policy at that time. Well once again I am reminded that medicine is still a big guessing game...
How are your levels doing? Have you seen your hematologist lately? I'll be seeing my doctor next week for a CBC again...hopefully I'm holding my own :)

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