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Hi again amwood! I'm a gym rat myself and the anemia can sure get in the way of a workout! When my levels drop I notice a shortness of breath while exercising. I often have to get off the machine to catch my breath. An hour's workout can then last and hour and a half!! I also notice that I stop running outdoors and switch to walking. :( I notice these changes even when I'm not yet anemic but my iron levels are really low. My dr. says I should be symptom free if I'm not anemic. I've not found that to be the case. When I first went to him and complained about the SOB while exercising he said "It's probably a fitness issue." THAT'S when I let him have it!! I explained that I'd been a die hard fitness fan for YEARS and I could out run and out lift him on my worst of blood days!! He's listened a lot better since that. He also said that it wasn't necessary to cut back on my exercising due to the anemia. He claims that my body would only do what it could. I'm not sure I agree with this one either. I don't care how tired I am I go to the gym anyway.
Hey Quietstorm! Wow, once again it sounds like we're very similar - I'll also go to the gym no matter how tired I am...I'm certaintly not going to live my life around this anemia crap! I can't believe that doctor had the nerve to tell you it was a "fitness issue" instead of listening to what you were really saying! Unbelievable! I try to go to the gym as often as possible, and I've noticed that even when my iron isn't that low I'll get tired quickly...and I'm also a runner/swimmer so it's not a fitness issue for me either!! I'm wondering if maybe it's a sign of things going back down slowly or not enough iron stores...I'm not sure, but it's nice to know someone else has the same problems I do, even when we're supposedly "somewhat healthy". I talked about this with my doctor, and she really didn't have much to offer other than if I'm tired I should listen to my body and stop exercising. Unfortunately I usually have a hard time stopping since I'm not sure if it's related to the anemia or if I should just push through it and keep running. At one point when my hemoglobin was low and I was working out I developed a heart murmer and my doctor was pretty strict in her "no work out" policy at that time. Well once again I am reminded that medicine is still a big guessing game...
How are your levels doing? Have you seen your hematologist lately? I'll be seeing my doctor next week for a CBC again...hopefully I'm holding my own :)

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