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Re: Levels
Sep 9, 2003
I'm not an expert in anemia, but I can tell you what I think I know. Someone else may correct me and give you better advice. You didn't give us your hematocrit or hemoglobin levels and I think those are the important ones. Being anemic means you don't have enough red blood in your body to transport oxygen to your cells and carry out toxins.

Being low in all of those other things and not being anemic, yet, is a chance at prevention. You can add a multi-vitamin and work on increasing intake of the things you are missing in your diet. As long as your body can absorb these things - which it probably can if you aren't anemic, but I am not sure. Add exercise and you may be able to avoid full-blown anemia and feeling even worse.

Your body needs things like iron, B-12 and folic acid to produce more blood cells and you can become anemic if you are deficient in any of them for too long. If your doc can't explain these conccepts to you adequately, maybe you should look for another doc.

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