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No apparent cause
Sep 20, 2003
I was wondering if anyone thinks I should have anymore tests or if anyone knows what other tests should be taken or what kind of doctor I need to see.

I found out I was anemic in July but I've responded to the iron supp. and now my hemoglobin is 11.5 (up from 7.5). They found 2 positive hemoccults and
I just had liver enzyme test, colonoscopy and endoscopy and they were all normal (only the biopsy results are not in yet). The GI doctor and my family seem to think everything is fine because my colon was fine. I don't feel fine. I've never been anemic in my life and I've been so happy and healthy up until July. The iron has given me my energy back, but my symptoms are relentless.

I have these charlie-horse like spasms in the mid. of my abdomen whenever I laugh deep or jerk a certain way. It sounds strange but it hurts! Neither my doctor or the GI doc said they saw any hernias. This muscle spasm is so scary that I am afraid once it pops out that it will not go back in.
I also have a localized tenderness under my right rib cage and one vertebrae bone has become so painful that I feel it during sleep.
I'm only 32 and I love to run an excercise and now I've mysteriously come down with severe bone pain in my left foot and now I can't run at all!! It even hurts when I walk. NONE of the doctors I have seen even mentioned an x-ray!!!! They look at me and since I look good they think I'm exaggerating!

Could any of my symptoms be related to the anemia because my periods have always been LIGHT, never had a problem there. It's stressing me out because I've had these symptoms a couple years now, and they are gradually getting more and more bothersome!

~thank you for listening~ hoping someone may have some thoughts or advice to share...

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