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Well, I received my results from the colonoscopy and endoscopy. Both came out fine. The GI doctor said the next step is a barium small bowel series. Has anyone here had this test done and could you tell me how it went? Also, if that comes back fine, does anyone know what the next tests are for anemia? Thanks in advance.

Hi mommy of two, I'm not sure why they went straight to the colonoscopy and barium test. I went in February for an annual blood test, it came back borderline anemia, was put on iron supplements, went back in May for a follow-up blood test. It came back that I was significantly anemic(according to my primary). I believe it was 10.3 with a ferritin level of 6. He asked about my periods, which have slowed down considerably. So, the next step was to see a gastro doctor. Didn't even have a stool test, just went straight to the colonoscopy. I had my barium test on Tuesday and everything came back normal. So now, I have to make an appt. with the primary because the gastro doctor said he is done testing me. Not sure what the next step will be. I guess it depends on how my iron count is doing. Hope all goes well with you.

I just had the small bowel series testing...the one where you drink the (horrible) thick white chalk tasting barium & have to wait for it to move through your system, then the dr. takes an x-ray series. Julie, it sounds like that's the one you had also, right?

This all started when I went to donate blood to the Red Cross and got rejected, because my iron was too low. They told me to go to my doctor asap. The thing is, if I hadn't have gone to donate blood, I probably never would have known I had any problem with anemia, since I wasn't really having any symptoms.

I first went to my primary family dr. who did blood workups. All was fine (no thyroid probs. or anything), except for my iron and hemoglobin...very low.

The next step was for me to provide stool samples (what fun, lol..gross)and they didn't show anything. family dr. referred me to a gastointestinal doctor. I had both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. They both came back normal. The gastro. dr. did a biopsy to see if possibly my body had a problem with iron absorbtion, but it also came back normal.

Next, the gasto. dr. had me go for the small bowel series x-rays (the barium test), and I am supposed to get the results by tomorrow. The dr. at the hospital who actually took the x-rays said that in looking at them while I was there, that he didn't see any problems, but that he would have to further look at them after I left for a final result.

The gastro. dr. told me to go ahead and start taking ferrous sulfate (iron) supplements twice a day, which I just started doing.

I have a follow-up appointment with my family dr. tomorrow, since I'm a little frustrated with not knowing what's causing my anemia...I guess the next step will be to go the gyno.dr. to make sure I don't have fibroids or anything.

Has anyone else gone thru all these tests to see what's caused your anemia, but no internal bleeding or any problem was ever found??? There has to be something causing the anemia, right?

How aggravating!

Hi Robste, glad you got through that fun test. My barium test came back fine. Now, I have to wait for the primary to see me again. I'll probably being doing the gyn or hematology route next, I guess. I'm hoping my iron count is up by then(I don't see the doctor until Nov.). I'm taking one iron pill a day. Back in May, my count was a 10.5 with a ferritin level of 6.
I hope your test comes back fine. I say that, but like my husband said, it would be nice to know what's causing the anemia without having to go through more tests.

Take care,
Julie :)

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