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Infed is iron dextran--same thing. (Like Advil is ibuprophen and Anacin is salicylic acid--please forgive all spelling errors!) I think Ferrlecit is iron gluconate--both iron but in slightly different forms. There's also something called "Venofer" I haven't yet asked about. I believe the injections use the same drugs but they are injected in small quantities. IV's allow for a large amount to be administered all at once. Hence why some of us end up with those. Getting a shot for me would be like a drop in the bucket. Ideally the IV route should replenish body stores--until you use it up again. I've actually gotten my Ferritin scores up to a 70 after an 8 week cycle of Ferrlecit but I sure can't seem to hold onto it. A couple of months later I'm back to a 3 or 4!! I'm anemic again now but my Hgl level isn't that bad so my dr.s put me on hold. He'll check all the levels again in a couple of months and if they've really plunged he'll tie me up in the backroom again! But, hey--I'm the only one there NOT getting chemo, so I feel REALLY lucky!!
I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. I am not a Dr. and have not had experience with infusion but I am anemic. Whenever you have any symptoms as you described you need to notify your Doc. that gave you the infusion to let them know that you are having a reaction. Im sure that it will go away but to be safe it should be reported. Maybe thay can give you something for it.

I had SX for heavy periods the Endometrial Ablation, afterwards I had an extreme bout of Tachycardia for at least 12 hours after they gave me all those meds. It did go away but was not fun feeling it. I was in too much pain to even call the Doc. I already had this to a degree before SX from the anemia. FLFLOWERGIRL
Thank you for your information too. I'm going Tuesday the 4th - and keeping my fingers crossed that I have minimal side effects. Anything is better than this feeling tired all the time. My whole life up to this age (65) I been a go-getter - working - running and doing. I get so frustrated now. My heart by-pass two yrs ago this month was supposed to get me feeling back to my old self. I didn't notice any changes in energy levels from before the surgery or after. Then doctor said I was anemic and can't find the cause of it after many tests so now I will try the iron infusion and Hope I have good results.
a couple of days after the infusion I will post again. I wish you good luck with your path to health too. I do find I worry less if I stay busy or am on a mission of some sort or another. So today I'm organizing photos :)
My thoughts & prayers are that you continue to improve. It's nice to know other people going through similar circumstances. Thank you for responding and a big thanks to Dorri too.

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