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What kind of IV iron is everyone getting? I had Infed once and it nearly took me out! Hives, trouble breathing--the whole nine yards. The nurse had to yank me out of it. Then I was put on Ferrlecit. I did great with that until the 23rd infusion. I got up to leave and just felt "yucky." Halfway home I started getting really bad chest pain. I managed to get home, called my hubby but my voice was all horse. My heart was racing, my legs were like jelly and my hands were numb! I refused to go to the ER and instead insisted on waiting things out. I HATE hospitals!!! It took about an hour and a half before it started to fade. I thought it could have been a panic attack but I've never had one and from what I've read it didn't seem to match. I did have to fess up to my hematologist and he was pretty concerned. We've decided NOT to do anymore infusions unless my levels get really bad. My iron stores are pretty much non-existant but my Hgl hasn't plunged too far yet. But, damn am I tired!!!

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