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[QUOTE=sky1992]Has anyone had the gastric bypass that has caused their anemia. I have been anemic for the past 2 years, becoming severe this year. I have been on iron supplements that are not helping. I take the Vit. C and the B12 and B12 shots - but nothing is helping. Because of the gastric bypass there are many foods that I can't eat that would help. I have been thinking about having the iron supplement shots, but I haven't come across enough information to make an educated decision. Any suggestions?[/QUOTE]

I didn't have the bypass surgery, but, 1/2 my stomach was removed due to an ulcer (15 yrs. ago) Because of that, I have iron def. anemia and will have to be treated for it the rest of my life. The bottom portion of the stomach is the part that absorbs iron and with that part gone, I now have to have iron infusions to bring my hemoglobin count back up. Once it's back up to 14, that will last only 3 months and I have to do it all over again. This will always be a "bandaid" situation. I hope I've been help to you. Good luck.

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