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I had stomach surgery 24 years ago and it was similar to a gastric bypass. I had 2/3 of my stomach removed, the vagus nerve cut and the pyloric valve removed from a stomach ulcer. I have no intrinsic factor. For years I would have to go for blood transfusions. I have problems just eating because I don't absorb much or I have diarrhea. I have trouble with keeping my weight up also. I go about every 6 months for iron iv therapy and take monthly b12, which doesn't seem to help. I have panic attacks from the anemia. I have dealt with the side effects of the surgery for years and I just get tired of being so tired and anemic. I have pernicious anemia and autoimmune hemotylic anemia. I was told I would just have to do the iv therapy for the rest of my life. The doctor has added vitamins and minerals to the iv's that really seemed to help more than the iron. I had extremely bad migraines. I read that low manganese can cause them, so after he added that, the headaches have almost completely gone.
In December I got iron, but had to go back because of low ferritin, in January. I went July 26 for more iron. The doctor doubled the dose and I got a call day before yesterday to go back for another double dose. I don't understand why it doesn't bring up the ferritin level!
Is there anyone dealing with something similar? I would like to hear from you. I feel like there isn't much hope out there for us.

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