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I just started the iron IVs two weeks ago for the same thing except I'm not considered to have anemia yet. My iron stores are extremely low (count of 4) and the shots didn't help. I had 10 of them and it only raised my iron stores to an 8. I also had the surgery and would love to hear from anyone who's solved this iron situation because I really don't want permanent damage from this! If I need a weekly IV for life, so be it as long as I have energy and my metabolism back! (I, too, am going through the lethargy and possible weight gain from this).

Question 2: Are you having a hysterectomy to stop the monthly bleeding to help the anemia? Is that an option because I'd consider it!!

BTW, I had my surgery 15 months ago.
[QUOTE=marny61]I underwent a gastric bypass 8 years ago - about 4 years ago I developed pernicious anemia and have been on B12 injections since that time. This past summer I started having fatigue, swelling in my lower legs, hunger and weight gain. Finally I was diagnosed with iron defiency anemia. I have started on Infed (iron) transfusions - today was my second transfusion - two more to go and then will undergo a hysterectomy. I am interested in anyone else, who has had a gastric bypass has had this problem and how they are doing. I am wondering when I will start to feel better. Thanks for you help![/QUOTE]

Hi I had a gastric by pass in 1998. I am also severely anemic with my Ferritin level less than 4 and hemaglobin has been down as low as 7. My white blood counts have started to fall now and I too am tired. My weight loss has been extremely good. I lost 135 lbs which is half of what I weighed to start with. I can eat most everything now except beef, but still have times during the month that I throw up.
It is good to hear from others who are several years out on the Gastric By pass. I feel like this iron problem is something that never gets talked about sufficiently when people are talking about complications. The neuropathy is definitely a problem, but I have been lucky so far in that I only have a few problems. But due to the anemia, I am having a lot of bone pain lately. I did have an iron infusion almost 2 years ago. It helped for about a year. And, my iron has never dropped quite as low as that again. However recently I am having a lot of headaches. So I am pretty sure, the B-12 and Folic acid are off again.....
... and iron is needed to make red blood cells.

I don't know anything about gastric bypass; but low iron? I have heard of that with those exposed to ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (2-butoxyethanol) Iron counts get down very, very low. Do the retic ratio test and CBC with differentials ... both test are $50 + $17 so not bad to rule this chemical exposure in or out.

Odd as it may seem, if you are fatigued and have low iron, I would ask for a kidney function test. Kidneys produce hormones that help make strong bones and red blood cells. Sometimes if there are kidney stones they are indicative of a metabolic imbalance (check thyroid)

Pernicious anemia? I read a little about that once, and someone shared a testimonial on eating liver every day and it gave wonderful results
I had stomach surgery 24 years ago and it was similar to a gastric bypass. I had 2/3 of my stomach removed, the vagus nerve cut and the pyloric valve removed from a stomach ulcer. I have no intrinsic factor. For years I would have to go for blood transfusions. I have problems just eating because I don't absorb much or I have diarrhea. I have trouble with keeping my weight up also. I go about every 6 months for iron iv therapy and take monthly b12, which doesn't seem to help. I have panic attacks from the anemia. I have dealt with the side effects of the surgery for years and I just get tired of being so tired and anemic. I have pernicious anemia and autoimmune hemotylic anemia. I was told I would just have to do the iv therapy for the rest of my life. The doctor has added vitamins and minerals to the iv's that really seemed to help more than the iron. I had extremely bad migraines. I read that low manganese can cause them, so after he added that, the headaches have almost completely gone.
In December I got iron, but had to go back because of low ferritin, in January. I went July 26 for more iron. The doctor doubled the dose and I got a call day before yesterday to go back for another double dose. I don't understand why it doesn't bring up the ferritin level!
Is there anyone dealing with something similar? I would like to hear from you. I feel like there isn't much hope out there for us.
I am responding to the over all question about how the intrinsic factor effects the blood counts. The intrinsic factor allows the body to process b-12 which tells the body to take the iron and store it in the liver for future use if the diet becomes low in iron or needs more iron for some reason. Some times the body locks the stored iron up and it can not be used by the body. It is there and just can not be used. Other times, the body misses a signal and the iron is flushed out of the body with other wastes. When we are over weight because we over eat, we take in enough usable iron to get us by day by day. When resort to the gastric by pass or have to lose part of our stomach and intestines then we no longer take in enough dietary iron or we can not absorb what we take in for using to process oxygen and blood cells.
Now although I do believe there are environmental dangers out there ready to do major damage, I do not believe that every one who gets fatigue or has dietary deficiencies are being posioned by household products unless they are mixing them together and shooting them up in the form of crank. Then they are merely asking for trouble. I have seen the blood values of heavy duty illegal drug users and their blood counts are higher and stronger than mine and I do not use any drugs. By the way, I have gone through menopause, and now my hemoglobin is rising and staying put and my ferritin is now in normal range and I do not use iron supplements nor do I have to have IV injections or infusions. My body has learned to utilize what I get and is not dumping it anymore. The body is capable of being taught to function or adapt.
I am so pleased to find this thread. I had open RNY in June 2001. I have been suffering from low B12 since 2003 and was put on monthly B12 injections. In 2006, I started having vertigo and passed out at work. That was my first diagnosis of iron deficient anemia. I was sent to a hematologist and put on 10 weeks of IV iron. Then last August my Vitamin D came up low and I started having severe arm and leg pain. They said it's nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) from the micronutrient deficiencies and put me on anti-convulsants to control the pain. The pain just comes back every 8 weeks or so and they have to increase the meds. The latest round of bloodwork shows that, despite regular supplementation with Ferrous Gluconate plus Vit. C, my Ferritin level dropped from an 8 in August to a 4 last week and my B12 is at 324 (low normal) despite WEEKLY B12 shots for the past few months. The D is up, at least...

I'd love to hear tips from those of you who have been there. This pain I'm in is horrible. I'm only 29 and had no idea that I would be in for this world of torture when the doctor spent those 90 seconds explaining the vitamins I wouldn't be absorbing after surgery. He said, "Just take a multivitamin and some Tums and you'll be fine." Never even mentioned iron...

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