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I am responding to the over all question about how the intrinsic factor effects the blood counts. The intrinsic factor allows the body to process b-12 which tells the body to take the iron and store it in the liver for future use if the diet becomes low in iron or needs more iron for some reason. Some times the body locks the stored iron up and it can not be used by the body. It is there and just can not be used. Other times, the body misses a signal and the iron is flushed out of the body with other wastes. When we are over weight because we over eat, we take in enough usable iron to get us by day by day. When resort to the gastric by pass or have to lose part of our stomach and intestines then we no longer take in enough dietary iron or we can not absorb what we take in for using to process oxygen and blood cells.
Now although I do believe there are environmental dangers out there ready to do major damage, I do not believe that every one who gets fatigue or has dietary deficiencies are being posioned by household products unless they are mixing them together and shooting them up in the form of crank. Then they are merely asking for trouble. I have seen the blood values of heavy duty illegal drug users and their blood counts are higher and stronger than mine and I do not use any drugs. By the way, I have gone through menopause, and now my hemoglobin is rising and staying put and my ferritin is now in normal range and I do not use iron supplements nor do I have to have IV injections or infusions. My body has learned to utilize what I get and is not dumping it anymore. The body is capable of being taught to function or adapt.

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