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[QUOTE=squeek]Yes I have had a gastric bypass 8 yrs ago. I have now prenious anemia, I have been on b-12 shots for almost 4 yrs. I have also had to have the iron through an iv. I been through that 2 different times. The shots are better, because of having the surgry the intrinsic factor is not present, so the tablets that you may be taking are doing you no good at all. This is what my dr.s have told me. The shots will give you back some of the energy that you are missing. Here is something else that you may have to look forward to. I am in the stages of finding out if I have neuropathy. Which is nerve damage, caused from the anemia. Does any one else who has had this surgry, are they suffering from any of this.[/QUOTE]

Hi Squeek, are you still around? I know this is an old post, but it looks like I'm in the exact same place you are. I have had iron infusions, transfusions and currently I think I have neuropathy but the doc isn't treating me for it .. yet. I didn't know what to call it until I read your post.
I'm currently sitting here w/ so much leg pain that I'm finding it hard to walk, but it seems the doc isn't interested. I'm pretty upset about the whole thing :( and at loss as to what to do next or to make it better.
If anyone else has this problem, please let me know what you did to get well.

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