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B12 Deficiency
Oct 8, 2003
I have had a B12 deficiency for 3 years now. For the last two years I have had B12 injections weekly for 3 months at a time. I also have my blood tested regularly to monitor the B12. The injections do not give me any more energy contrary to what the doctors and nurses keep telling me I should expect. My B12 level has never been in the 'normal' range since they first discovered it was low, however, it tends to go up and down. I have had every test done (ie. stool test, schillings etc), but everything comes back normal. My original doctor told me oral supplements probably won't help my condition - but she could never diagnose the cause. My new doctor has me taking oral supplements (1000 mcg a day)for 6 weeks, at which point I will have my blood tested again. My B12 as of last week was at 74. I apparently am NOT anemic although my iron levels get really low occasionally as well. I am not a vegetarian - I eat a very well balanced diet. My new doctor is shocked that my old doctor could not find the cause - however she is not getting any further into determining the cause than the first doctor. For the amount of B12 injections I've had over the last few years, I would expect they should be enough to at least stabalize my level of B12 for a while - I am not convinced the shots even work.

I have been reading all the other 'threads' dealing with B12, but each individual's scenerio is so different....

Anybody go through this?

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