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hi PaNik5717,

i'm sharing some info and am hoping it will be of some help to you.

ive had irregular periods since the time i can remember. the biggest complaint being they either dont stop, or that i get one every 15 days, lasting 8-12 days at a time. so in effect id be bleeding a lot thru the month, but thankfully it wouldnt always be heavy 'all' the time.

as a result i am always anemic, my haemoglobin being 9 or 10. i initially tried bcp's over a couple of years but the problem kept coming back.

it turned out that my problem was more hormonal than anything else. i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and also a high prolactin level. both are hormonal tests that can be done at any path lab.

anyway i started getting treated for both, and now my thyroid ranges are normal, and so is prolactin. infact the medicine that u take for prolactin causes you to ovulate regularly. and that gets the periods organised. they come on time and stop on time. touch wood im doing ok so far.

as far as the fibroids are concerned i have read too that homeopathy helps a lot. maybe u could try it. also read abt a new technology (on webmd or some other site) that uses ultrasound to get rid of the fibroids.
maybe u could look it up.

hope all this helps! u take care.

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