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I've heard that people can feel tired/exhausted when they're iron-deficient but not anemic. I don't know exactly why though....sorry, I wish I could give you a more definitive answer on that. But, I've had similar experiences over the past year. I've had iron-deficiency anemia for just over a year now, and there have been times when my hemoglobin was in the 8's or 9's and I felt ok, and there were other times when my hemoglobin would be in the 10's and I would be exhausted - it makes no sense! Of course, throughout all of this, my ferritin (iron stores) stayed around 2 or 3. My own personal theory is that your body is working overtime trying to keep up the hemoglobin and has depleted it's iron stores in the process....sounds tiring to me, but I don't really know if that's medically correct (I work in public policy, not medicine...).

As for the type of iron you're on, I was taking the ferrous sulfate 325mg and it wasn't working, so now I get IV iron when things get too low. That's great that you were able to find an iron supplement that doesn't upset your stomach. Has your doctor told you what to eat/not eat with the supplement...things like taking iron with vitamin C will help increase absorption, and there are other things that will block absorption. Good luck to you!

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