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A hemaglobin should cost about $3-4, and most primary care doctor's can do it in their office. If your daughter is still having problems, you and your doctor need to find out why. It might be anemia, it might be an internal hemmorage, it might be that she has the flu, it might be a lot of things. 8 is low, but it isn't critical (so don't freak out about the hemmorage thing), but I would definately get her back in to see the doc.

Try going to a community health center. Usually you can see a doc or NP for $15 or $20. Also, if you have no insurance, you NEED to see your local dept of human services / welfare / medicaid office. Currently, a family of 3 in mississippi must make over 50,0000 per year for the children to not get CHIPS. Most other states means that number is higher, the more children, the higher the number.

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