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Hi PaNik and yes I tried the liver the other day. I don't think that it's something I would like to eat on a regular basis but it somehow went down. Can you imagine, I've read that years ago when they still hadn't come up with a treatment for pernicious anemia, people's lives were saved by having them down liver several times a day. It was then that they discovered it was the b-12 in the liver which was the missing factor in these people. Today, they manufacter B-12 from other sources.
True, if you are very deficient in iron, getting iron from food sources is not enough, you need help from supplementation to bring iron stores back to normal. So eating iron rich foods is more of a preventative, but I would think if you are just a little low, then iron rich foods will probably help bring stores up to normal.
I had an iron infusion in the beginning of July. It takes 4-6 weeks for your system to start building new red blood cells. Iron levels slowly go up and continue to go up for the next 3 to 5 months or so and then may start to drop again, depending on the cause of the anemia. If the cause was succesfully treated, then levels remain normal without further treatment of infusions. However in some cases, such as internal bleeding, iron levels may remain low inspite of intervenous iron treatment.
P.S- I wonder what other health benefits liver has? Ya, I also wondered about the liver being a storage depot for toxins, but then again cows don't eat the garbage that humans do. No offense to any one, but alot of our foods today are manmade with added vitamins and that can be a burden on the human liver. That's not saying cow's liver is perfectly safe. I don't know! I guess this is a question for a nutritionist. Take care!

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