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Hello. I had a bilio pancreatic bypass (gastric bypass)
operation in June 86. I have experienced ongoing
anemia which was causing my red blood count to be
always below normal and my calcium absorption to be
below normal. The amount of supplements directed by
my surgeon did not alter the levels shown on my frequent blood testing. As years went by, no changes
in supplements seemed to bring any of these below normal readings up to normal range. I was getting weaker as time went by, experience bone and muscle
pain and in past 4 years a considerable amount of edema in both feet and both legs. I consulted with a
blood specialist MD who decided after looking at all
the lab tests including a bone marrow biopsy to try me oon the drug PROCRIT. 10,000 I.U. per weak initially.
My red blood count came back up to normal and a number of my other blood chemistry readings including my calcium level. The edema in my legs after about 1 month on the PROCRIT drug went away. The doctor tried
reducing the PROCRIT to 10,000 i.u eery OTHER weak and
the red blood count started dropping and the edema
started coming back. He put me back on original level
and blood count started rising again but the edema this time did not totally go away. I am scheduled for
another blood test tomorrow 9/8/03 to determine current blood count and anticipate the MD raising the amount of the PROCRIT above the 10,000 i.u. per weak.
I am considering a consultation with a surgeon who is
currently performing WLS to see if they have any suggestions for a possible revision. I was diabetic preop in June 86 and have been totall free of diabetes
ever since the 86 surgery. I need to take some permanent action to resolve the ongoing anemia but do not want to do anything surgically that might make my diabetes return. I am 65 years old now and current weight is 195 pounds which has been stable in this range for many years. I was 327# preop and have had no
problem maintaining my current weight which my MD's are satisfied with. Any patient that has experienced similiar difficulties from the type of gastric bypass
that could give me some information as to what steps
you may have or are taking to resolve these problems would be greatly appreciated. My gastric surgeon is no
longer practicing medicine and is not available for
postop consultation.


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