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Isn't it unbeleivable that something as small as cooking in an iron pan can increase your iron intake!

To add to that list
Shellfish is also a very good source of iron. Here's how they break down.....

clams (3oz) 25.2mg of iron
CHICKEN LIVERS(3oz.) 7.2 mg.
mussels, steamed (3oz) 5.7 mg.
oysters (6 medium) 5.0 mg.
BEEF (3oz.) 2.9mg.
tuna (light meat water packed 3 oz.) 2.7mg.
shrimp, steamed (3oz.) 2.6mg.
TURKEY, dark meat (3oz.) 2.0 mg.

some of the nonheme foods high in iron are; cream of wheat cereal, quick cooking (7.7mg.) which is just as much as chicken livers, tofu, dried pumpkin seeds, lentils, potato baked with the skin (the skin contains most of the iron content), beans, canned pumpkin, split peas

also you can still have the ice-cream, glass of milk etc. you should just wait at least 3 hours between them, so that the iron gets the opportunity to absorb before the calcium products block the absorption.

mixing heme foods with nonheme foods (meat with veg.) will increase the absorption of the nonheme iron by 10-15% while oj (or another source of vitamin c) will DOUBLE the absorption of nonheme iron.

In my case....I alternated days with the supplements (one day off, next day on) while keeping track of what I ate and paying close attention to what worked best for me. It did take a while but, it was worth it to me, in order not to take the pills. I work for a seafood restaurant though, so once I found out what was "good" to eat, it wasn't too hard for me.

The info. above is from my "food bible". It's called The doctor's book of food remedies and is put out by the editors of Prevention magazine. I couldn't remember the specific mg. so I looked it up for you all. NOTICE that chicken livers are not the highest source of iron!?!? Also I have heard that you should reduce your fat intake as well. I don't know if this is true or not, but I hear that a diet full of fatty foods can block iron absorption as well.

Hope this was helpful to anyone interested in trying to increase iron absorption through diet. It helped me.

blessed be, crb

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