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Hello :wave: Everyone,

I am a member of the back pain boards. I am copying and pasting a post that I just made on those boards. It looks like I may start posting here as well. So I wanted to share my story and then start reading hundred's more posts.

Recently, my doctor's office called me concerning results of my blood work testing. I was so worried because they are worried about me developing Type ll Diabetes as I already have been diagnosed with high glucose. Well, my blood sugars came back OK but they found that I have anemia. This has really worried me. Prior to surgery my surgeon had almost canceled it because of a low blood count. He asked me if I had anemia and I said no. He then thought that my count was low because of donating my blood only 8 days ago. Then on top of that I had started menstruating during pre op testing. My surgeon did not have to use my donation during surgery. But after I still had a low blood count. Then four days after surgery would you believe that I started to menstruate again. I called my surgeon at 5 days post op and he told me to start taking iron tablets. I did purchase iron tablets and took them for about 4 weeks. My primary doctor's office told me not to take anything until they do more blood work on me. I have an appointment on Tuesday.

As most of you know since I have been doing so much complaining, I have very swollen feet. It has now traveled completely up both my legs to my knees. The stiffness is unbearable and my legs feel like rubber bands. I have so much pain in them. I haven't called my surgeon's office because I thought things would get better. However, they did call me to cancel my appointment on the 12 and reschedule to the 16. What's four more days at this point? I was starting to wonder if my swellings are related to anemia. So I called my sister who is a MA and works in a doctor's office. She talked to her doctor's and they told her that indeed these are symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. He then asked her if I had a pica. She told him OMG yes. I have been eating at least 10 cups of crushed ice a day since my surgery. I thought it was a very unusual craving. I actually craved ice over my coffee. Also my daughter had noticed a few days ago that I started to get these white spots on my neck. My sister checked me and found they are also starting on my arm. She told her boss this and he said this is also from the anemia and that I better get to my doctor soon. I have been very tired but I thought that was because of all these pain meds and I really don't get much sleep with these painful nights. I am told this is another symptom of iron deficiency anemia.

Yes, I realize this is the back boards, but I had to post this in case some of my symptoms may not be from my fusion surgery. Although it all began close to surgery date. Looks as if I have to start researching anemia as I know very little about this. Sorry so long....

Why Me

Lumbar MRI 10/02
Lumbar Lordosis
L5-S1 disc herniation with moderate thecal sac deformity.
L4-5 disc desiccation with bulge which results in mild thecal sac deformity and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis.
L2-3 disc desiccation with Schmorl’s nodule of L3.
Lumbar Epidural 1/30/03
Lumbar Epidural 2/12/03
Lumbar Epidural 2/26/03
Lumbar Discogram 5/23/03
Lumbar CatScan 5/23/03
[b]Posterior Fusion & Infuse on L4,L5,S1 6/30/03[/b]
Cervical MRI 10/02
Loss of cervical lordosis with reversal of the curvature.
C4-5 and C6-7 disc bulges resulting in flattening of the ventral margin of the cord.
C5-6 there is a left foraminal herniation which results in moderate foraminal stenosis In addition, there is flattening of the ventral margin of the cord due to bulging disc.
Cervical Epidural 5/19/03

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