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[QUOTE=wise_cookie]Hi.......just found this board and glad of it! I recently had to have a 2 level (L4-5. L5-S1) anterior lumbar interbody fusion on my low back. While in the hospital they discovered that I am anemic. Apparantly it was pretty severe because they gave me 2 units of blood. It seemed to perk me up but I am now having to take a multivitamin and an extra iron tablet daily. I still feel awful though. I knew I had been feeling really bad for months but just thought it was because I was in such terrible pain with my back prior to the surgery. I had no idea that it was anemia. I attributed the dizziness/almost fainting to all the pain medicine I was having to take. When I read the list of symptoms for both types of anemia I fit into both types. I have many symptoms of both. I haven't had a menstrual period in over 4 months but my Ob/Gyn determined 2 years ago that I was starting the menapause "thing" so I thought it was that and I am pretty sure it is because I have all the other symptoms of menapause. I started peri-menapause symptoms about 10 years ago. I am not healing very well from my surgery either......had it on Jan 8th and still having many complications. I'm not tolerating the iron too well because it is causing severe constipation no matter how much water I drink per day. I go for my first followup appointment with my neuro doc tomorrow so I will discuss everything with him then.

Sure glad to find other folks with the same problems![/QUOTE]
I would like to caution you about something I learned when I had my infusion. I was in peri-menopause and had gone several months without a period. When the infusion took hold, I had a period that lasted for 2 weeks! It was hilarious. They gave me iron in one end and it was coming out the other just about as fast! They ended up giving me something to stop the period so I could hang on to the iron. I sometimes speculate that women past a certain age are not supposed to have iron!!!( just kidding)

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