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Hi guys!

About a year ago I started getting breathless, it was worse when I lay down. Around 5 months ago I started getting worse and one night I felt prickles on the top of my head and had a pain in my left arm plus pins and needles. I felt so faint and my heart started racing. I phoned for an ambulance and was taken to casualty. When I was there they found that my heartrate was 200 per minute and I was given all sorts of medication and a drip that contained medication for angina. The doctor came in and said she was certain I had angina. I was taken up to a medical assessment ward for the night. The next morning the consultant came around and disagreed with the previous doctor and said I was fine and could go home. Blood tests were done first and I was diagnosed with chronic anaemia and also I'm not absorbing nutrients. I wasn't told the levels though. I am on waiting lists for an endoscopy (They think I might have an ulcer), gnyni because of possible fibroids (My periods are really heavy) and am also waiting for a 24 hour heart monitor. I had another blood test done around 5 weeks ago and my haemoglobin level had apparently risen back up to 10.2. I am taking Ferrous sulphate three times a day. In the last few weeks I've been taken to casualty in an ambulance over 10 times with the same symptoms. Some docs saying they can see abnormalities on the ecg , such as not enough oxygen getting to the heart etc. Everytime I get up to the ward, the consultant says my heart is fine.

My blood level is back up to 10 now so it's not really severe enough to cause all these symptoms. They did find that my thyroid was overactive a few weeks ago, but then when tested again last week, it was back to normal. It was 7 something and now its 5.

I have felt really unwell all day today and yesterday. Pins and needles in my head. Pain in both my arms (usually it's just in the left one), faint and sick. Blurry vision and fast heartbeat. Pain in my chest (Although to be honest because of the probable ulcer, it's difficult to tell where the pain is coming from), backache.

I went to the doctor again yesterday and sat there crying like an idiot, saying no-one was listening to me etc. He gave me proprananol for the palpitations and fast heartbeat. I took one a couple of hours ago and my heart has slowed down, but I still have a tight chest and feel dizzy and sick. I can't believe that it's not my heart. My mother suffers from angina, my grandmother suffered from angina, my grandfathers died of heart attacks and my 21 year old daughter has arrythmia.

I'm a single parent with two children to worry about. I can't afford to sit back and not push for them to find out whats wrong. I'm so afraid I'm going to die. That sounds so melodramatic, but that's how I feel.

I find it really difficult to believe that anaemia could cause all these symptoms? Why the pain in the left arm each time? I hope someone out there's not afraid to talk to the mad woman because I'm really afraid and sitting here feeling very unwell again.

Like someone has said before, I also seem to geat a head rush and feel so weird and faint, that it's scary. I know my blood count was really low when this all started months ago but surely 10.2 isn't severe enough to cause all of this.
I hope someone can give me some hope.

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