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Hey Dorri, I have a range of symptoms that may not make doctor's lists, but I think they are valid, too. Fortunately, my hair stayed fairly healthy, but I have always had a tendency towards shedding. My nails did get very brittle, though.

The one symptom that made me ask my doc to check my blood was that I was craving ice like a drug fiend. I was even taking it with me to lunch so that I would have it to chew on.

I have also had these near-fainting sensations. Often, when I stand up, I will get part way across the room and I will get a starburst in the center of my field of vision. I have to stop myself, close my eyes and take a deep breath before I can continue.

And there are the other ones: abnormal uterine bleeding that my doc thinks is actually caused by the anemia, shortness of breath with only mild exertion, sleeping 9-12 hours a night, pretty severe symptoms of depression.

Even though I already have a diet rich in iron, my body absorbs my iron pills really well without any bothersome side effects.

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