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Hi Everyone

I am a newbie as I just joined these boards yesterday and am Glad that I found all of you.

Because I am of Irish ancestory and I had symptoms close to Iron Overload I asked my primary doc to check my Iron for this--knowing that it was an inexpensive test. That was in July of last year. Doc told me no Iron Overload--Great, so I put that thought to rest. Well when I was at the clinic about 6 months later I had my chart and a little time on my hands and began to look thru it. I found that my Serum Iron Level was deficient at 19 (normal is 49 to 151), my Ferritin was slightly low at 14.06 and my Percent Saturation was 4 (normal is 20 to 55). Because I was having symptoms of perphial neuropathy and weakness I went to see a neurologist who ran tests and told me that my B12 level was low ---202 (normal is 250 to 850). It was subsequently discovered that I have perphial neuropathy of my feet and hands. I also have RA, Sjogrens, PMR, Diabetes and other maladies. So I am finally getting to my question. What could cause low levels of both B12 and Iron? I eat healthy and eat meat etc. My IF Factor is fine. I do not have excessively heavy periods. I DO have trouble with my stomach--diareha often when I eat--stomach aches when I eat and sometimes cramps when I eat. I got a B12 shot and than the doc put me on B12 vitamins--2000 mcg per day and my B12 levels have improved. But still no reason as to what caused both deficiencies. I don't even know what my iron is now and i have not taken any iron pills. Could my vitamin deficiencies be caused by a malabsorption problems or Chrons? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.


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